Tourism from Los Negrales

The Cultural Center Santa María de Los Negrales is located in the Sierra of Madrid next to the main tourist municipalities of the north of Madrid such as: Guadarrama, Moralzarzal, Navacerrada, Alpedrete, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Los Molinos, Cercedilla, Collado Mediano…

At the end of St Emily Street and crossing the Guadarrama Road a rural pathway opens up that goes across beautiful rural sceneries of ranch style and trees typical of the zone. After a walk of about 45 minutes one arrives at the ruins of the former hunting house of Philip II, a spot that the storks have taken advantage of to build alongside the façades more than fifty nests which during the breeding season offer a unique spectacle to the passer-by. The zone is known by the local people as El Campillo. The pathway that continues is known as La Venta del Escorial and it leads to the Camping of the village.
It is included within the National Park of Guadarrama. It is a reservoir of the Madrid Community and it can be reached by the M-650 road. Wide meadows and pine forests of great beauty surround its shores. In this vast extension of land one can visit the hermit of Our Lady of La Jarrosa, the hermit of the Mayor Alter and various recreational areas.
The Abantos Mountain is one of the mountains of Sierra de Guadarrama that is 1,763 meters high within the Central System, which is a chain of mountains that runs from east to west the center of the Iberian Peninsula. From El Escorial it is an ascent of about 500 meters that with a few brief stops offers no difficulty. All the way to the top is done among pine trees. The views from the Abantos top are unbelievable.
What is known as The Chair of Phillip II is a set of platforms spread out at intervals containing other elements built over an extension of granite at the feet of Las Machotas, in the municipality of San Lorenzo del Escorial. Tradition has it that this was the place from where Phillip II watched the construction of his Monastery which lasted from 1563 to1584. According to this story the spread out platforms over the granite extension and the four seats located on the north platform were ordered by the king to facilitate his view and that of his companions. However, the research of the XX century points out to a pre-roman origin or even to a historicist recreation of the XIX century.



The excellent net of roads facilitate easy access to cities like Segovia, Ávila, Toledo, La Granja de San Ildefonso, Los Ángeles de San Rafael, Alcalá de Henares and many other places of touristic and cultural interest close to Los Negrales in the Sierra of Madrid. This location attracts people wishing to enjoy picturesque surroundings and the gastronomic diversity of the Sierra; others enjoy the adventure of sports, hill walking, skiing, snow views of these mountain villages or the peace and harmony of being in touch with nature.