A space at the service of faith and cultural expressions

The Center offers, besides its own activities, activities promoted by the T.A. and it also hosts entities, groups or individuals that desire to carry out their events in its facilities.

-To men and women that wish to be in dialogue with current realities- To persons that trust the transforming strength of joining others in the construction of a more just civil society- To professionals that search the meaningfulness of their profession- To groups committed to their own formation and profession- To the young seeking to initiate their Christian experience or to deepen their faith commitment- To all searching for an integral process of personal growth.
-Encounters with various possibilities for an integral and integrating formation- Experiences that help living the faith and discovering God´s countenance in history- Debate forums for contrasting and constructing collectively the interrelations among faith-culture and justice- Times to reflect, share, contrast, pray and celebrate- Spaces for communication and collective construction- Activities that reveal the charism of Poveda and facilitate an acquaintance of the TA- Lodging services, meals, conference rooms, ample nature spaces for walks or gatherings among pines trees and anything that may facilitate the efficacy of work- a youth hostel for children and youth that prefer more simple facilities.
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